New Year, New Citizen

To start the new year off, there is a super straightforward and incredibly important action that we should all be undertaking: registering to vote. Although the actual election date hasn’t been announced, we do know that it’ll be around April/May and the final registration weekend for the 2019 elections is rapidly approaching. The final IEC registration weekend is 26-27 January 2019. Not everyone needs to register; only those who aren’t already in the system. To check if you are registered, you just need to enter your ID number on the IEC website.

Jenna Solomon

Me in Mzansi is about my life and how much of it is directly related to my nation. It’s just one of 56 million lives but I am sure it shares many similarities with those of my fellow South Africans: most significantly, a love for a country that we so passionately want to reach its potential.

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