Me in Mzansi is about my life and how much of it is directly related to my nation. It’s just one of 56 million lives but I am sure it shares many similarities with those of my fellow South Africans: most significantly, a love for a country that we so passionately want to reach its potential.

Reading Africa

African books

In the past few years, I’ve been reading more African novels than in the rest of my life (and I’ve always been a fanatic reader). It’s extraordinary to explore countries I’ve never been to, or know nothing of beyond their names and maybe their capitals, through the convenience of books. All my life Africa has …

Where to shop #wearSA

local clothes

Although YDE remains my staple #WearSA shop, there are plenty of other shops that stock proudly South African clothing brands, some of which are very unassuming and totally affordable… 1. Young Designer’s Emporium No list of stores stocking South African brands would be complete without the indispensable YDE. Most of the clothes are made with …


made in south africa label

My grandmother worked in the textile industry for decades and my father was able to afford university thanks to SACTWU’s bursaries. I wouldn’t have the life I did if my dad hadn’t graduated from university; by extension, I wouldn’t have the life I did if it weren’t for the South African textile industry. This is …

New Year, New Citizen


To start the new year off, there is a super straightforward and incredibly important action that we should all be undertaking: registering to vote. Although the actual election date hasn’t been announced, we do know that it’ll be around April/May and the final registration weekend for the 2019 elections is rapidly approaching. The final IEC …

Hello Mzansi

Me in Mzansi

Our environment has a fundamental role in making us who we are. I’m sure I’d be a bit of different person if I hadn’t been raised in South Africa. I often think what a maddening country ours is but I also know I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. Passion is what I feel for …